Jorian Rutten

Increasing your knowledge of tools and improving your process is instrumental in being a valuable team member. Luckily, learning new tools is half the fun of game development!


Unreal Engine 4

Game engine used in 10+ projects. I'm able to work with a team to create games using Unreal Engine, and have worked with most of the core tools the engine provides.

Experience: ~4 years


  • Blueprinting: Implementing content and gameplay systems.
  • Level Design: Creating whiteboxed levels and gameplay challenges using BSP.
  • Materials: Creating and implementing (dynamic) materials, such as parallax backgrounds.
  • User Interface: Familiar with User Interfaces and Widgets to create basic menus and HUD elements.
  • Debugging: Able to track down and debug editor warnings & errors and find performance issues using built-in tools.


Used for the last 3 years as my main source control. Fully integrated into my workflow.

Experience: ~3 years


  • Source Control: Using Perforce & Swarm to work on projects with large teams.
  • Code Reviews: Using Perforce and Swarm to request and perform code reviews to ensure stable builds.


Jira has been the main production and sprint planning tool used in my last projects. I am familiar with using it as a user and as a project administrator.

Experience: ~2 years


  • Agile/Scrum: General structure and methodology used during Agile and Scrum workflows.
  • Custom Workflow: Working with Server administrators to set up custom workflows and new settings for tasks to increase productivity.


Excel is my go-to for organising and saving data. I can use the basic functionality, as well as add my own.

Experience: ~1 year


  • Visual Basic in Excel: Implementing new functionality in sheets by scripting it through Visual Basic.
  • Data Structure: Organising data using conditional formatting, data validation, graphs and other features.

Slack & Discord

Main communication tools for all projects I have worked on thusfar.


  • Working Remotely: Working on projects remotely.
  • Team Communication: Effectively communicating using text and voice chats through Slack and Discord.



Aseprite is my main tool for pixel art and quick design sketches.

Experience: ~2 years


  • Design Sketches: Creating quick sketches to visually present ideas, concepts or design iterations.
  • Pixel Art: Creating Art Assets for hobby projects.

Powerpoint & Slides

Able to create presentations and present information in visual ways using Powerpoint or Google Slides.


  • Presenting Information: Creating visual slides that portray information in interesting ways.
  • Public Speaking: Presenting or pitching in front of audiences.


Regularly used create reference and moodboards for projects.


  • Reference Boards: Creating reference boards for design or art visions.

Not what you were looking for?

No problem!

Over the years I have gotten used to molding my workflow around the tools I am given. I am adaptable and flexible with the tools I use and how I use them. I pick up new tools quickly by setting small goals and experimenting with the settings. I will always try to figure out how something works myself, before asking for help. This allows me to understand how the tool functions, rather than just going through the motions.