Game Design Portfolio

Jorian Rutten

Currently Working on:

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Technical Designer

A rogue-lite shooter set in space, with a science pulp fiction aesthetic. Assemble your crew to attack and infiltrate alien vessels, and save the galaxy! A game about building synergies between dozens of obtainable alien artefacts, to change and empower the interactions of your captain and crew.

As a Technical Designer on the project, my responsibilities were to create gameplay elements and systems using Unreal Engine Blueprints. During this time I worked with on Projectiles, Squad Behaviour, User Interface and Dynamic Materials. Next to that I also handled the Quality Assurance.


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A cooperative bossfighter where players work together to take down a giant spider. Players can create a human tower and throw each other around. Cooperation is key in this game: helping each other escape attacks and reach the boss is the only way to be victorious!

Within my role of a Game Designer I worked on the diegetic User Interface and onboarding for Little Thorns, as well as on the flow and attack patterns of the boss fight. I also ended up organising most of the playtests and Quality Assurance.

Pixel Artist & Designer

An online-multiplayer large scale city builder that has players grow their empires from villages to kingdoms, while fighting other players. The game allows players to specialise their villages, terraform their kingdoms, and send raiding parties to steal from their opponents.

My responsibility as the sole Pixel Artist for the project is creating Art Assets as well as establishing and maintaining the visual style. Next to that I am partly responsible for the design vision and gamefeel of the game.


Over the course of a year I worked within excel to create a timetracking tool for my studies, which became the recommended standard for all students in my class. This productivity tool allows users to plan and track their tasks, and is highly customisable for their personal workflow.

As the developer I was responsible for the structure and data organisation of the tool, scripting new functionality using VBA as well as playtesting and iterating based on the needs of my peers.


A 2v2 multiplayer game where baboon scientists build a monster by collecting and stealing body-parts, and blowing up their rivals!

In this first-person puzzle shooter, players use their gun to merge resources into objects, and uses their interactions to solve puzzles.

A goofy spy tale, in which the player infiltrates a dangerous compound, while having to deal with an inexperienced, comically inept sidekick.

A medium sized Unreal Tournament Deathmatch map for 8-players, set in an Aviary.