Meet Me

Jorian Rutten

Hi there!

As you have probably guessed, my name is Jorian Rutten. I'm a 22 year old game designer, currently living in Breda, the Netherlands.

I strive to create elegant multi-purpose designs, that create coherent gameplay experiences. I enjoy working in any role of game development and have done so before. I have an eye for detail and handle designing in a structured manner: I will always figure out what my goal is and how I plan to get there before getting started.

Playing a wide-range of games is extremely important to me. I love finding games with inventive mechanics that inspire me.


I am a third year Design & Production student at Breda University's IGAD (International Game Architecture & Design). Together with a large team, I am currently working on Captain Starshot, which will release Q2 2019.

Looking for: Internship

I am searching for a (half) year-long Game Design internship (2019-2020) at a Game Development Studio. I want to use the internship to learn about AAA game development and see the game and process change over a longer period of time. I would like to further increase my understanding of game design and development by working on new projects and by creating new types of experiences. I would love to spend my internship abroad to see more of the world and find new sources of creative inspiration!

Now that I'm done ever so gracefully bragging about my accomplishments and convincing you how lovely I am, I just want to show my appreciation and thank you for taking time to look at my work!